We offer a reliable and cost-effective fuel injector cleaning and flow testing service with guaranteed results. At a fraction of the cost of new fuel injectors, our injector cleaning service is available to the automotive, motorcycle, marine and other related industries.

For as little as £18.00 per manifold injector or £25.00 (plus VAT) per GDI injector, we can clean and restore your gummed up, clogged, dirty or leaking injectors to operate like new.

GDI or direct injectors are tested at 73.5 PSI (5 bars). Our test procedure for direct injectors is factory approved, for more information regarding GDI injectors

The procedure for testing and servicing is as follows:

  • Visual inspection and external clean of units.

  • Check the electrical condition of the solenoids

  • Place on the test bench and do a leakage test - this checks if the injectors dribble.

  • Check injector inductance whilst operating the injectors.

  • Inspect atomisation characteristics throughout the speed range.

  • Perform flow analysis during automatic operation to determine individual quantity delivery throughout the operational range.

  • Perform static flow test to determine injector efficiency

  • We then remove any internal filters (if applicable) and perform the ultrasonic cleaning and servicing process.

  • Once done the injectors are re-checked.

  • If they pass, new filters and seals are fitted and the injectors are packed for dispatch.

ASNU is approved by Robert Bosch worldwide