We now offer in-house turbo testing, repairs and the supply of exchange units. Maintaining the high standard of quality as we do with injectors and fuel pumps, you can be confident of our professional commitment. 


Our VSFR (Vibration Sorting & Flow Rig) is an industry-standard developed concept which combines the functions of balancing and flow setting in one machine. It enables the rebuilding of virtually all passenger car and light commercial turbochargers. The VSFR is capable of balancing turbo cores at speeds up to 300,000 revs/min. 

The flow-setting process used on the VSFR follows the same procedure as used by OEMs in original manufacture. 

We are also capable of testing both vacuum and electronic actuators, allowing for the measurement and adjustment of mass airflow through variable geometry turbochargers. 

One of the primary causes of failure when fitting a turbo is oil starvation and blocked oil supply pipes. We offer an oil priming syringe and fitment gaskets (where available) with all turbos repaired or supplied by us.

New oil supply pipes available.