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Carl Elson
15th October 2013


Just had my range rover sport tdv8 remapped by these guys I found them very helpfull from the initial phone call

I called in late on Friday afternoon to discus having it re mapped after speaking with many company's over the phone. I made a spur of the moment decision to get it done their and then, they were happy to get this done for me around 3.30pm on a Friday.

After kindly lending me their company van to collect my children I returned a hour later and the tdv8 was ready, at first I couldn't really notice the difference, I called veizu who talked me through the remap and said they could slightly tweek it for a bit more performance, I returned on the Monday morning and Keith said it was no problem at all to contact veizu and get the updated map, this was installed in the car for me there and then.

Now I have to say as the days have gone by I certainly have noticed a difference in power ...... This near on 3 ton beast now throws you back in you seat and roars on take of ! Its safe to say I'm pleased as punch with this remap and would thoroughly recommend united diesels and veizu for remapping

Cheers guys


Nicky Aitken
25th January 2019

I spoke with Keith a few weeks ago regarding my PD injectors that needed 160% firad nozzles fitting. He was very helpful on the phone and told me everything I needed to know. I supplied my own used injectors bodies and nozzles and got them sent over to Keith. He had the injectors stripped down, cleaned, new nozzles fitted, setup and back to me all within 5 days! Excellent service and at a reasonable price! Could not ask for more. Highly recommend!!

R. Leonard
20th November 2017

Getting the job done right -> First Time -> bring it to United Diesel !

My tale ...

A mild performance increase was desired on VAG - PD 105 engine.

To minimise inconvenience a spare set of injectors was purchased from the well known auction website.

Despite being a previously satisfied customer of United Diesel, I allowed myself to be guided into using my mechanic's preferred supplier.

There followed nearly 3 months of ineptitude from them.

Including: lost set of injectors at their premises, 2 x return of 'completed' injectors to them because they didn't function correctly and finally was sent a completely different set of injectors to what was originally purchased by me - like all the others before, they hadn't been set up correctly.

At a loss of what to do I then did what I should of done in the first place ... send the job to United Diesel.

Fortunately I still had the original set of PD 105 injectors.

These were dispatched on a Friday afternoon, they arrived at United Diesel the following Tuesday and the Thursday after that the finished job was back with me, together with the calibration report sheets.

Installation of these injectors has now been done and everything is absolutely perfect.

The engine's delivery of turning force is very smooth and constant.

The vehicle is a pleasure to drive.

For those who are in need of a technically competent + reliable service ... look no further.

Allen Buckley
14th September 2017

Thank you Keith and team excellent service delivered to my door witch I wasn't expecting I will be highly recommending you!

Colin Potts
19th July 2017

Thank you Keith and your team for the excellent service I received when I had problems with the injectors for my Landrover TD4 Freelander. The car was hard to start and giving out clouds of white smoke for a while after starting. I took the injectors in to United Diesel and a couple of hours later Keith called me to say that all four were in a poor state and one wouldn't even test. I gave the go ahead for reconditioning, and as we were due to tow our caravan to Yorkshire in two days, they got the job done next day. The difference is amazing, the car runs more smoothly, starts easily, no smoke, and has better fuel consumption. I would strongly recommend United Diesel for any diesel fuel system problems.

Anthony Dutton
26th June 2017

I have a Nippon Denso diesel pump, The pump fitted to Daihatsu 1 litre engine fitted in a narrow boat, which started to race and would not idle, I took it to United Diesel, they had a difficult job with the pump as it was one of the most gummed up pump they had dealt with.

But they did a great job and now it is working perfectly, well done, thank you very much.

Regards A Dutton

Claudiu Simon
29th November 2016

I have buy from United Diesel a set of tdi PD injectors with Firad 160% nozzles. They work very good on my car! Super Team! Super Service! Recomand!

Jim Melia
26th October 2016

Having had many sets of injectors for our commercial vans,i let Keith loose on my Rover 75 CDTI which has 101 miles000 on it .It now runs as almost new good low down torque,smooth running a much improved car to drive,and the tea is very good.Thank you