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CP4 to CP3 Pump Conversion Kit.

A conversion kit from the dreaded CP4 pump to a more reliable CP3 pump. Whether you want a more reliable pump that eliminates the possibility of a costly repair bill or you want to increase horsepower, this conversion kit is the easy fix. Everything inclosed to remove your existing CP4 pump and the attachment kit for a fully reconditioned CP3 pump. The CP3 pump is reconditioned, fitting all new genuine Bosch components, including a new ZME valve and come with full test results. The kit includes,

1 x Fully Reconditioned CP3 pump plus test results.

1 x Pump Adapter Bracket

1 x Pulley

1 x Sprocket Adapter Hub

2 x Banjo Fittings and Banjo Bolts

1 x Wiring Connector

Fixing Kit

An added advantage if requiring more horsepower the pump has a built-in low-pressure delivery pump which reduces the possibility of fuel starvation under full load.

Easily capable of increasing horsepower to 250BHP with the potential to achieve 300BHP with the correct engine build.

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