We specialise in the supply and calibration of high-performance diesel injectors. Upgrades to injectors using high flow nozzles and specialist calibration technics.

With specific engine applications, we can source bespoke high flow nozzles while with other makes we have to research available stock nozzles that will increase fuel delivery while maintaining injection characteristics.

Calibration of the injectors ensures that the flow characteristics of each high-performance diesel injector are balanced to obtain the best possible performance. 

Fuel delivery and mapping charts are available on request for Common Rail injector modifications.

Bosch PD injectors are used in many VAG applications as they are a reliable injector fitted to a good strong engine that makes for many up-rated solutions. German engineering ensures that the quality of build allows for an increase in BHP without being detrimental to longevity.

Know more about our Bosch PD Injector process.

Fuel delivery reports are available on request for Bosch PD injector calibration.

A selection of up-rated performance injectors for various diesel engines. Some are just fit and enjoy an increase in power and torque and others are for the more dedicated owner and tuner that require more engine modifications. For more information, specifications and prices have a look in our SHOP



All Bosch 1.9lt and 2.0lt engines


 Bosch Two Stage VE TDI injectors for both the 1.9L and 2.5L engines