When enquiring about PD injector nozzle replacement, either standard or high performance or the supply of service exchange PD injectors, you must deal with a company that has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to do the job correctly.

We have the state of the art and specific equipment to conduct all necessary tests and adjustments to all Bosch PD injectors, allowing for optimum fuel delivery to enhance your vehicle’s performance.


All work is done in house and having done it for many years; we have the experience.

Many other suppliers have to get the job done elsewhere, not us, when you speak to us, we are the guys working on your PD injectors. We also are continually working with nozzle manufacture’s from all over the world, checking and testing their PD nozzles, so we use all of this experience to ensure that you have the best fit for your car. It is as essential to use a suitable nozzle as it is using a good injector body. We have had experience with PD injectors knowing the importance of setting the injector up as a complete unit rather than just worrying about fitting a specific nozzle. 

We know how you love your car and how important it is to get it running right, especially with any other power-enhancing modifications that you have performed. Balancing your PD injectors is essential to ensure the fuel delivery produces the maximum power possible yet retaining efficiency and reliability.    

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Disassembly, Inspection and Nozzle Mounting for PD Injectors. 

Unit injectors incorporate the nozzle assembly and a built-in high-pressure pump producing injection pressure of up to 2000 Bar. Similar to that of a common rail system but with the fuel “rail” chamber only needing a supply pressure of 2.0 Bar. The PD system dramatically increases the precision and control over combustion when compared with older fuel injection systems. Specialist equipment is needed to be able to strip and inspect the injectors due to the complex set up of internal locating plates and pins. With every service, we provide a complete strip-down and inspection. Parts are then ultrasonically cleaned and worn parts replaced. We undertake an electrical check on the solenoid to determine its condition.

We fit a nozzle of choice into the nozzle capsule and set the NOP1 (nozzle opening pressure 1) We can set the injectors back to OEM specifications or, for custom or race applications, we can provide a custom pressure setup for your specifications. 


Testing and Calibration. 

The reassembled injector is mounted into the Hartridge HK1400 Injector-Pump System Cam Box and run on our test bench connected to the Simulator. The test incorporates the following specifications of the injector,

  1. Active Injection Time in ms.

  2. Active start of injection.

  3. Actuator (solenoid) pulse width and response time.

  4. SCV Resistance.

  5. Current peak absorbed by the electrical solenoid.

  6. Peripheral Speed of drive shaft.

  7. Atomisation characteristics at Start Of Injection. 

The measurement of fuel deliveries for the following:

  1. Low idle

  2. High idle

  3. Max torque

  4. Max power

Once the injector has passed either OEM or custom setting specifications, the injector is marked with its unique identification number. We supply performance/test reports with the results. All injectors supplied will have a set of new fitment seals, the necessary washers and fitting instructions.

For applications and prices please have a look in our SHOP