There is a running issue with your vehicle and your diagnostics is not pin-pointing the source, are the injectors the fault? Let us test the injectors using the most up to date equipment. We have invested in the most sophisticated equipment that will allow us to find any problems should the injectors be the culprit. 

We offer specialist repairs to diesel injectors and pumps for all types of engines, for cars, commercial, agriculture, plant, marine and any diesel fuel injection system from classic to modern-day engines.

Once diagnosed, we can either offer a repair, exchange or new unit.


Tricky-tec is a common rail calibration and repair platform enabling a quick check on mechanical and electrical features of multi-brand injectors. It allows us ease of access to the assembly and setting of injector components before test bench calibration. We also test solenoid condition and longevity, producing a PDF solenoid test report with the explanation of the Piezo solenoid test.


With ever-increasing emissions legislation and tightening of limits, vehicle manufacturers are looking at ways to more accurately control the flow of pressure fuel and atomisation to optimise the efficiency of the combustion process, controlling emissions within acceptable limits. Thus injector coding was introduced to help balance and trim fuel delivery resulting in smoother running and fewer emissions.


The IMA coding is an industry-standard: Injector Menge Abgleichung (Injector Quantity Offset)


When an injector goes through the OE test, it generates an IMA code which identifies wherein the tolerance range the needle and nozzle assembly fit, and this allows the ECU to vary the fuelling accordingly and optimise the engine performance. 


Failure to code in the injectors can result in several issues,


Performance – in some systems, it may be possible to drive away and not know any different. In reality, by not coding the injectors, it is unlikely that the vehicle will obtain its optimum performance suffering in an increase in fuel consumption or black smoke.


Non-start – in newer systems if you do not code in the injectors the vehicle can experience starting problems.


Poor/lumpy running –The ECU is still programmed with the original injectors fuelling parameters and therefore can cause reduced performance. Fitting "new" injectors without coding can result in the engine management light coming on, necessitating another visit to the garage. 


Bosch Piezo ISA code – Diagnostics /Re-coding


We can test and diagnose Bosch Piezo injectors to establish how far out they are to their original ISA code, helping to identify rough running issues like harsh idle, excessive smoke, high fuel consumption and poor performance. This result is in a percentage with anything below 90% indicating a fail. We are then able to re-code the failed injector and issue a new code that ensures the ECU can correct all trim values accurately.


We have just made a substantial investment in the ERAGON Suite, which is the most advanced commercial diesel injection test and repair platform in the industry capable of testing many commercial injector applications.


Understanding the pressures that the commercial industry puts on its members, it is our total commitment to offering you a trustworthy, reliable and 100% accurate diagnosis of all fuel injection units we undertake to test or repair. 


With our fully qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic engineers, we give you the personal, professional and the specialised service you demand.

The ERAGON Suite allows for:

  • Test Pressure Capabilities to 2650 Bar, as required by the latest injector applications.


  • PDF printable results, Initial Diagnostic and Final Test Reports plus Coding Analysis.


  • Coding capability for Delphi, Denso, Bosch IMA, Bosch Pieso ISA and Siemens VDO injectors.


  • Testing of injectors with O.E. original driver profiles allowing for more accurate results.


  • Results to O.E. specifications and not after-market standards.


  • Testing capabilities of the latest CRIN 4.2 Double Coil Bosch, CAT C4 and Cummins XPI, HPI and DAF Smart Injection systems.


  • Piezo solenoid testing, Burst, Refill, Dynamic Capacitor and Lift results.

  • Coil Inductance, Lift, Resistance and Isolation tests.