The EN 590 DIESEL-SURE kit is designed to detect diesel fuel that fails to meet the current European Standard EN 590 diesel density specification (for temperate climates).

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Safeguard your diesel engine with DIESEL-SURE

Why test diesel?

Economic supply and demand phenomena as well as efforts to make paraffin and heating oil more affordable, have resulted in a large price difference to that of diesel. The on going price increases to diesel have encouraged non law abiding people to use alternative fuels in their vehicles. Although most diesel engines will run on paraffin/ heating oil, continuous operation will cause long-term damage. Several original equipment manufactures have issued statements to the effect that engine warrantees will not be honoured where failures can be attributed to the use of fuel blends. It is also illegal to run a vehicle on a blend as it evades fuel taxes.

For more information about the Diesel-Sure test kit, view the associated documentation.