Suppliers of diesel injectors, diesel pumps and specialists in diesel fuel injection repairs, reconditioning and testing. DPF cleaning and diesel emission reduction in Shrewsbury.

Welcome to United Diesel Fuel Injection Services

We have two main areas within our company - United Diesel specializes in diesel fuel injector repairs, diesel pump & injector testing and high performance diesel injectors. DPF testing, cleaning and diesel engine emission reduction. United Tuning focuses on Viezu remapping and Viezu tuning for all types of vehicles

I recently had a problem with my diesel injectors. Not only did United Diesel give me their expert advice, they also rented me a tool for re-skimming the injector seats. I cannot rate this company and …
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- John Manley

Diesel Fuel Injection Repairs, Pump & Injector Testing. DPF Testing & Cleaning

Diesel injector and pump testing. Recondition of diesel injectors and pumps. DPF testing and regeneration done in our workshop in Shrewsbury.

Send your diesel fuel injectors and diesel pumps in for an honest, comprehensive fault finding test or if time is an issue contact us to supply you a new or reconditioned service exchange unit. DPF and SCR units can be checked and cleaned using the Certified Flash Cleaning Technology.

If you are in the area testing and cleaning of units can be done while you wait but please contact us first to arrange this.

Testing, reconditioning and supply of most diesel injection pumps and injectors. Professional cleaning and regeneration of DPF and SCR filters for all vehicles.

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Diesel Injector Power Upgrades & Diesel Engine Tuning

Specialising in the supply and calibration of high performance diesel injectors for most diesel engines. Upgrades to diesel fuel injectors using high flow nozzles.

Using the 2 Stagemaster’s flow mapping ability we are able to map the flow characteristics of each high performance diesel injector ensuring that each injector is balanced to obtain the best possible performance.

Supply, fitting and calibration of high performance diesel injectors.

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Viezu ECU Remapping & Viezu Tuning

As a Viezu remapping approved agent we offer ECU remapping, car remapping and dyno tuning for all types of vehicles; Cars / Vans / HGVs / Tractors / Motorhomes.

Improve your driving experience by having your vehicle's engine remapped to be more responsive with a smoother and more powerful drive and increased MPG.

Having the full backing of Viezu remapping we are committed to offering you a professional product with all the necessary back up to ensure that your engine remapping experience will be rewarding and satisfying.

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Failure to clean or replace blocked DPF's (diesel particulate filters) can result in poor engine performance, increased fuel consumption and finally engage engine management warnings - leading to expensive repair bills.

We have just invested in a revolutionary machine specifficaly designed to clean all types of DPF filters. Our DPF cleaning service in Shrewsbury uses state of the art technology to provide a fast and cost effective solution. Our regeneration process achieves 98% of the original new condition with certified results.

As well as generating significant savings[…]
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